Aj Ramos and Abby Santiaguel Private Video Scandal Circulates Online

Looks like, even not a celebrity personnel joins the scandal bandwagon of 2014, from Chito Miranda to Wally Bayola up to newscaster Paolo Bediones private videos gives marked to scandal news. There also more an alleged scandal of Coleen Garcia which said the reason why Billy Crawford made an scandalous scene in Taguig City.
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Veteran Comedienne Mryna Villanueva or Better Known as Tia Pusit Died at 66 After Double Bypass Surgery

One of the best comedienne in Philippine entertainment industries Tia Pusit or Myrna Villanueva in real life is dead. According to Abs Cbn news Tiya Pusit was recently undergo in double bypass surgery but failed to recovered due to multiple organ failure. Nova Villa younger sister was started in showbiz in 80's after three decades of laughter Tiya Pusit say goodbye us.

[Video] Confrontation Scandal To Her Bestfriend Who Allegedly Had Sex To Her Boyfriend

The video you will you see is about the woman confronted her bestfriend who allegedly had sex to his man. Spreading fast like a fire, posted on Teesh Facebook account and according to them their purpose is let others know what her bestfriend did to her.

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Smart Free Internet Promo is BAck | Find Out How To Register

Good news to all Smart subscribers, Free Internet on your smartphone is back again as recently Mr. Manny Pangilinan head of giant company SMART announced that free internet will be on.

James Reid Badly Hurt After Fell Down On Stage

Uprising actor James Reid was immediately rushed to the hospital after he fell on stage and got some bruise. This was happened last September 24 in Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash held in World Trade Center in Pasay City.
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